Eppendorf centrifuge 5418 manual

Eppendorf centrifuge manual

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You will see this symbol on your centrifuge and at a number of points throughout this manual. Eppendorf 5418 R. With its great versatility, the refrigerated Centrifuge 5910 R is setting the next benchmark for benchtop centrifuges.

It is possible to attain an rcf of up to 25,000 using a special 24-position rotor. Eppendorf ® Centrifuge 5418/ 5418 R and Accessories The Centrifuge 5418 and Centrifuge 5418 R with their 18-place capacity rotors are specifically designed for low to medium capacity in 1. Range of application The Eppendorf Micro Centri­ fuge 5415 C (Fig. 1) is used for quickly separating precipitates and liquids of different specific densities.

The Eppendorf approach to product development is about listening to our customer’s needs, understanding daily laboratory routines and anticipating future trends. The new 24-place Eppendorf Centrifuge 5425 R features an outstanding cooling system, 6 rotor options, a max. Eppendorf™ Model 5418 Microcentrifuges Compact and economical microcentrifuges feature a certified aerosol-tight rotor (included) and a unique, contoured rotor bowl designed to reduce noise.

Si fuera necesario, lea también las instrucciones de uso de los accesorios. The latest version of the manual and the safety instructions in your language can be found on the Internet at www. Eppendorf ® Centrifuge 5418/5418R, 5418R, refrigerated, with rotor FAand rotor lid, rotary knobs, AC/DC input 120 V, 50/60 Hz, US 3-pin plug (US), Sorry we cannot compare more than 4 products at a time. 1 Main illustration The depiction of the Centrifuge 5418 / 5418 R can also be found on the front fold-out page (see Fig. Centrifuge 5418 R Português (PT) 1 Indicações de uso 1. This centrifuge reaches a maximum speed of 14,000 rpm and 16,000 x g (RCF) in 10 seconds. In both devices, Eppendorf Micro Test Tubes can be centrifuged at 20,800 rcf (14,000 rpm). Sicherheitsmängel durch falsche Zubehör- und Ersatzteile.

The Eppendorf 5417R comes eppendorf centrifuge 5418 manual equipped with an integrated cooling fan that helps remove residual heat build-up. 1: Depiction of Centrifuge 5810 and Centrifuge 5810 R. The 5418 has a capacity of 18 x 1. Centrifuge 5418 R Deutsch (DE) 10 VORSICHT! Eppendorf 5418 Centrifuge w/ FARotor & Lid The Eppendorf 5418 Centrifuge is specifically designed for low to medium capacity with standard molecular biology and clinical applications. Their speed of up to 16,873 × g allows for standard molecular biology applications. Before using the centrifuge 5418 for the ・〉st time, please read the manual.

Eppendorf 5418 Centrifuge (microcentrifuge, tabletop centrifuge) for sale by The Lab World Group. 1 Utilización de estas instrucciones Lea el manual de instrucciones antes de poner en funcionamiento el dispositivo por primera vez. Eppendorf 5417R Refrigerated Centrifuge. the back of the centrifuge. Zubehör- und Ersatzteile, die nicht von Eppendorf empfohlen sind, beeinträchtigen die Sicherheit, Funktion und Präzision des Geräts.

If you require Eppendorf corporate information please visit our corporate website for:. Note: Save all packaging for future use. Centrifuge 5418 R Italiano (IT) 8 2.

Centrifuge 5920 R delivers extraordinary high capacity in a very compact and ergonomic product design. The Centrifuge 5418 R is used for the separation of aqueous solutions and suspensions of different densities in approved sample tubes. Eppendorf Centrifuge 5418 R Item. The Centrifuge 5418 R is exclusively intended for use indoors. rotor lid 1 power cable 1 manual 1 rotor key 1 Captain Eppi rotor key holder 1 set of fuses –To disconnect the power supply of the centrifuge from the power supply in the event of a fault, an emergency switch must be provided away from the centrifuge, prefera-. Instrucciones de empleo Centrifuge 5418 R Español (ES) 1 Instrucciones de empleo 1. Se necessário observe o manual de operação dos acessórios. Este eppendorf manual de operação faz parte do produto.

It has similar dimensions as competing refrigerated 3 Liter models and yet features a superior capacity of up to 4 × 1,000 mL or 52 x 50 mL thus making it the ideal instrument for high-throughput applications. The Eppendorf 5415C is a quiet instrument with a small footprint in the lab. Eppendorf 5415C Centrifuge The Eppendorf 5415C tabletop microfuge with analog control has been the workhorse of microfuges for over a decade. Eppendorf 5418 Centrifuges 5418 Series caters a refrigerated microcentrifuge and non-refrigerated microcentrifuge capable of running 18 tubes at a maximum speed of 14,000 RPM.

4 Ograniczenia zastosowania 2. 0 ml can be centrifuged. This new centrifuge offers 24–place capacity in an aerosol-tight rotor and speeds up to 21,300 × g in a small footprint. operated by trained specialist staff. 0 ml tubes with speeds up to 14,000 RPM with a maximum RCF of 16,873 x g. La Centrifuge 5418 R sert à séparer des mélanges de substances liquides de densités différentes, en particulier pour le traitement et l&39;analyse d&39;échantillons du corps humain d&39;une application de diagnostic in-vitro, afin de permettre une utilisation du diagnostic in-vitro conforme à l&39;usage prévu. The refrigerated Centrifuge 5418 R with its 18-place capacity rotor is specifically designed for low to medium capacity in 1.

The Centrifuge 5418 / 5418 R is intended exclusively for indoor use and for separating aqueous solutions and suspensions of various densities in approved test tubes. The result is a comprehensive line of centrifuges that serve the multiple applications you encounter in your lab. The Centrifuge 5418 and Centrifuge 5418 R with their 18-place capacity rotors are specifically designed for low to medium capacity in 1. 1 Deklaracja dotyczaca dyrektywy ATEX (/34/WE) Ze względu na jego budowę i warunki panujące w jego wnętrzu, urządzenie Centrifuge 5418 R nie jest przeznaczone do użytkowania w potencjalnie wybuchowej atmosferze. Centrifuge 5418 R Polski (PL) 8 2.

The centrifuge must operate on a flat and stable work surface to ensure proper and safe operation. 2 User profile This device may only be operated by trained specialist staff. The devices may only be. The Eppendorf 5417R is unsurpassed in safety, reliability and ease-of-use. Centrifuge 5420 supports your spin column-based nucleic acid purification and gel-extraction workflows. Centrifuge 5804/5804 R/5810/5810 R — Operating manual 2 Product description 2 Product description 2.

1 Main illustration Abb. All country-specific safety requirements for operating electrical equipment in the laboratory must be observed. Guarde-o em um local facilmente acessível. speed of 21,300 × g and an ergonomic operation, making it the new favorite choice on the lab bench for the separation of temperature-sensitive samples from 0. Equipment distributes an economical and powerful line of compact centrifuges through the Eppendorf 5418 series.

1 Dichiarazione per la Direttiva ATEX (/34/UE) Per motivi strutturali e a causa delle condizioni ambientali, la Centrifuge 5418 R non è adatta a essere utilizzata in un&39;atmosfera potenzialmente esplosiva. They must have carefully eppendorf centrifuge 5418 manual read the operating manual eppendorf centrifuge 5418 manual and be familiar with the function of the device. Up to 18 micro test tubes with a filling volume of 0. Centrifuge 5425 is the new laboratory standard. With its 24–place capacity and speed up to 21,300 × g, it is perfectly equipped for all modern molecular biology applications in Eppendorf and PCR tubes.

simultaneously in the fixed-angle rotor. 0 mL tubes and Microtainer ®. Your Single Source for Lab Supplies, Equipment, Chemicals and. With a comprehensive portfolio of fixed-angle and swing-bucket rotors, this centrifuge was designed to accommodate a particularly broad spectrum of applications.

沪公网安备号 沪ICP备07025139号-3. Eppendorf Manual Pipettes Pipet Controllers Repeating Pipettes and Dispensers Electronic Pipettes. Certified Refurbished Eppendorf Centrifuge 5418, digital display with knobs, 100-14,000 rpm in 100 incremenrts, 120V, includes rotor FA, 50-60 Hz, 90 day warranty Condition Refurbished (REF) : Completely reconditioned to as new condition, ninety days eppendorf centrifuge 5418 manual warranty, calibration certificate, limited quantity. 4 Limiti di applicazione 2. Very easy to maintain with a brushless motor that spins up to 16,400 RPM with maximum RCF up to 25,000 x g. Centrifuge 5418 / 5418 R — Operating manual 8 finale Korrektur 2 Product description Operating manual — Centrifuge 5418 / 5418 Rseeon p. Product Information. 1 centrifuge 5418 1 rotor FAincl.

Their speed of up to 16,873 × g allows for standard molecular biology and clinical applications. Eppendorf Centrifuge 5810/5810 R with its renowned quality and reliability offers you the most cost efficient solution for your medium to high-throughput applications – now and in the future. Before using the centrifuge 5418 for the first time, please read the manual. Its speed of up to 16,873 × g allows for standard molecular biology applications.

The Centrifuge 5418 is a non-refrigerated bench-top centrifuge. For users from China: 艾本德公司中文介绍. 0 mL tubes and Microtainer. The Centrifuge 5804 and Centrifuge 5804R are similar in design. 1: Front and rear view of the Centrifuge 5418. It combines extraordinary versatility and capacity for both tubes and plates with an extraordinary compact footprint.

The Centrifuge 5418 R is used for the separation of aqueous solutions and suspensions of different densities in approved sample tubes. Centrifuge 5417 C is a non-refrigerated bench-top centrifuge and Centrifuge 5417 R is a refrigerated bench-top centrifuge. 1 Utilização deste manual Leia o manual de operação antes de colocar o equipamento em funcionamento pela primeira vez.

Eppendorf® Centrifuge 5418/5418R 5418R, refrigerated, with rotor FAand rotor lid, rotary knobs, AC/DC input 120 V, 50/60 Hz, US 3-pin plug (US); find null-EPMSDS, related peer-reviewed papers, technical documents, similar products & more at Sigma-Aldrich. Für Schäden, die durch nicht empfohlene. Centrifuge 5418 R 18-place capacity centrifuges for molecular biology that are specifically designed for low to medium capacity in 1.

Eppendorf centrifuge 5418 manual

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