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1 focuses on identifying challenges and concerns relating to budget advocacy work, using selected advocacy scenarios as a basis for discussion. • The Facilitator’s Manualis aimed at anyone who is designing or facilitating an advocacy workshop, including people who do not necessarily have much experience either as trainers or as advocates. Trainer Manual Topics:.

A product of the advocacy training work carried out in the region, the “Manual for Facilitators of Advocacy Training Sessions” (only available in Spanish) offers conceptual and methodological tools to increase the effectiveness of individuals and organizations that seek to facilitator manual on monitoring and advocacy strengthen and assist advocacy initiatives through training, planning, and evaluation efforts. Life Skills Facilitators’ Training Manual Grade 4 - 7, NIED Life Skills Facilitators’ Training Manual Slide 1 Notes: The slide is to be displayed while participants are entering the venue. NAMI Smarts Facilitation Guide (print 2 sided, in color, 3-hole punch) Facilitation Guide.

It then focuses on the issue of monitoring and evaluating these efforts facilitator manual on monitoring and advocacy –. . Partnerswith good or very good advocacy capacity should be able to use this resource as a tool to develop advocacy strategies as well as to monitor and evaluate their implementation. The materials include exercises, session notes and agendas for conducting training. Monitoring and evaluation are very important, but often neglected, parts of conducting any activity or program. TRAINING MANUAL ON PEACE, ADVOCACY 10 AND SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP DAY I TRUST BUILDING EXERCISE I The purpose of commencing the training with a trust building exercise is to ensure that the participants develop a sound level of comfort, both with the facilitators and with each other. MANUAL FOR FACILITATORS OF ADVOCACY TRAINING SESSIONS ACKNOWLEDGMENTS ACKNOWLEDGMENTS The Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA) is a nonprofit policy, research, and advocacy organization, founded in 1974 by religious and other civil society leaders. the facilitator briefing.

This manual is structured in five modules, from understanding UNSCR 1325 to building an advocacy strategy on UNSCR 1325 and monitoring the advocacy strategy, and each module is divided in sessions to be used as it fits the training goal. Whether your abortion advocacy training workshop is five days or one, you’ll want to know you’re on the right track (monitoring) and afterwards you’ll want to know whether you’ve achieved your goals and objectives (evaluation). Facilitators can use the training techniques employed in the manual in various contexts. • Arrange for venue and equipment: – Plenary room with seating for all participants and facilitators, and a projector. . A New York Times lesson plan highlights how to teach and learn about masculinity in today’s era of constant and rapid change. Monitoring and Evaluation Facilitator’s Guide. Tracking Progress in Advocacy: Why and How to Monitor and Evaluate Advocacy Projects and Programmes Maureen O’Flynn, October Introduction This paper introduces the scope of, and rational for, engaging in advocacy work as part of development interventions.

Notes for the Facilitator. Advocacy programmes promote constructive dialogue among the various parties and can deepen the COMM’s relationship with the MoH. The manual is divided into three sections: 1) Basic facilitation skills; 2) Budget analysis for child rights realization and gender equality; and 3) Strategic advocacy. Workshop: Developing Policy Advocacy Strategies—Facilitator’s Manual Page | 1 Session 12 Monitor and Evaluate Policy Advocacy Purpose Review basic principles of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and the use of M&E to demonstrate progress toward accomplishing advocacy goals and objectives. The manual aims to guide CSOs to advocate for the empowerment of women entrepreneurs by influencing county government policies and budgets, and promoting women’s involvement in political processes.

Facilitator’s Manual 6 PREFACE The International Budget Partnership offers a Training Workshop on Monitoring Budget Implementation in order to address the capacity needs of civil society organizations planning to monitor the implementation of government budgets, or those who are already doing so but would like. This is integral to ensure a conducive learning environment. The facilitation section is the introductory aspect of the training and defines. Certificates (print 1 sided, in color) Module and Teacher Training Certificates. development and advocacy organisation.

T, Niger and Benue states. NAMI Smarts Flyer. Welcoming remarks could be done by someone from the regional office. Advocacy Matters: Helping children change their world - A Save the Children guide to advocacy: Participant&39;s Manual Log in to add to library It is intended to be a resource guide for both facilitators and participants and can also be used on its own as a general advocacy resource. Facilitation Guide Cover.

Our sincere thanks are extended to Pastors Bisi Akande and Laide Adenuga of the Redeemed Christian Church‘ HIV/AIDS Program in reviewing the Biblical scriptures used. In addition to the assistance of IET for the. Say: Review the cards with your group; each card shows a step in the process for developing an advocacy strategy on one side. Slide 2 Notes: This slide is about the welcoming remarks. The manual that follows provides detailed information on conducting skills-building groups and offers suggestions for group facilitator manual on monitoring and advocacy activities and for promoting your group. 2 Training Manual on Advocacy, Lobbying and Negotiation Skills for Indigenous Peoples in Climate Change and REDD+ In this module, we will be introducing our indigenous participants the concept of advocacy and lobbying. Overview of Steps in Advocacy Strategy Development Workshop: Developing Policy Advocacy Strategies—Facilitator’s Manual Page | 2 Introduce the activity using the instructions on the slide.

Chapter 7: Advocacy 98 Careful human rights monitoring and documentation can help identify systemic failures to protect, respect, or fulfill human rights obligations and can give rise to recommendations to solve those problems. The training manual includes information on networking, communications, and policy environments; exercises on conceptualizing, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating advocacy campaigns; and relevant materials for advocates. This manual is part of a greater REACH Facilitator’s Toolkit and should be used in conjunction with the other complementary components in order to maximise the utility of these resources and obtain the best results. 6 The SILC+GTA Facilitation Manual Encourage men and women to become involved, active parents who participate in creating gender-equitable households for both daughters and sons, and who foster open, emotional connections with their partners and.

The Facilitator’s Toolkit is comprised of the following three components: 1) Country Facilitator’s Manual herein presented. Facilitator or Trainer Manual. Facilitator’s Manual Version 2, August. MONITORING BUDGET IMPLEMENTATION Facilitator’s Manual 92 3. Workshop: Developing Policy Advocacy Strategies—Facilitator’s Manual Page | 1 Session 12 Monitor and Evaluate Policy Advocacy Purpose Review basic principles of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) and the use of M&E to demonstrate progress toward accomplishing advocacy goals and objectives. The guide consists of two complementary manuals: the Facilitator’s Manual and the Participant’s Manual that are designed to be used together. Inside Front Pocket Pages. Contact: The TOPS Program c/o Save the Children L Street, NW, Suite 500 Washington, DC 6 The material in this module is intended to help facilitate training in monitoring and evaluation in the results framework.

advocacy can use the manual as an introduction to key advocacy concepts and definitions. and use this information to do routine monitoring of children in order to. advocacy capacity development ranked from 1 (basic) to 4 (strong). manual was designed to be one component of a facilitation training program, but it can also be used by any individual wishing to obtain information and/or hone skills needed to help healthcare organizations implement innovations. Marketing (print 2 sided, in color) NAMI Smarts Brochure. However, this manual is. FACILITATED POLICY, ADVOCACY, AND MANAGEMENT DISCUSSION AND CAPACITY ASSESSMENT TOOL: FACILITATOR’S MANUAL 3 groups discuss and score the same indicators for importance for the organization to conduct its work (1 not important to 5 important). 1 CHALLENGES TO BUDGET ADVOCACY 35 MINUTES Aim: to identify challenges and concerns for conducting budget advocacy.

A facilitator manual by CARE focuses on training facilitators to engage men and boys in development programming, and demonstrates how their engagement for women’s empowerment benefits everyone. Sessions of the manual are built around practical exercises, tools, handouts and notes for the facilitator. The scoring is intended to help the ACA facilitation team and the organization identify their key strengths in order to better inform current policy advocacy planning and implementation, while at the same time highlighting priority areas for organizational growth. This publication is the result of a two-year training project to build children’s capacity for rights-based budget analysis and self-advocacy. Facilitator Manual Part of a training package developed by PSI/Swaziland, this manual for facilitators includes outlines and background material for sessions to prepare counsellors to discuss voluntary medical male circumcision with men and their partners, as well as parents seeking male circumcision for their children. WOLA promotes human rights, democracy, and social and economic justice in Latin. Objectives By the end of this session, participants. This facilitator’s manual is a support for the facilitator to provide the training course “Counselling TB patients by DOT providers”.

A manual to guide CSOs in their advocacy work The lessons and experiences from these advocacy activities were used to facilitator manual on monitoring and advocacy develop an EOWE Advocacy Manual. The Food Security and Nutrition Network Monitoring and Evaluation Task Force. Washington, DC: The TOPS Program. The manual is divided into 10 chapters with instruction detailing how to present the GoVoter training. Facilitation Guide Spines. COMM participation. It is our hope that your training and your use of this manual will help enhance the lives of cancer survivors through providing self-advocacy skills training to them.

Facilitators will need to become completely familiar with the Planning Handbook, Facilitator Guidelines and agree on procedures, activities and roles in the workshop. Trainer Documents. We will frame the discussion so that our advocacy and lobbying is directly related to the assertion and. the facilitators of our partner organizations during workshops to pre-test the manual in the F.

Facilitator manual on monitoring and advocacy

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