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This is a Smart Parts Ion Xe in Mint Condition. Included: Smart Parts Ion marker Spyder Victor marker Empire 30 CU tank - new CO2. The bolt-out-back design of this paintball gun makes its easy to maintain. Production first-generation SP-8s had their own manual; they shipped with standard Ion grips and a split-tip barrel that (from the front) formed the Smart Parts logo but which was prone to bending if jammed into the ground. Check to make sure the battery is properly attached to the connector. Smart Parts response was the 360 QEV – so named because it can pivot 360 degrees. This is a great deal!

The place to access new and old manuals for all brands and types of paintball markers. Subsequent SP-8s used wraparound grips unique to the SP8 and had a more traditional muzzle-break barrel. You can get Virtue Eyes here- com : Smart Parts ION Paintball Marker. Ending Nov 29 at 1:57PM PST 2d 8h. They hook up in the same order as your electronic board, so it’s really easy.

· The Smart Parts Ion is a spool valve driven electropneumatic paintball gun that operates at under 200 PSI. Smart Parts Apparel at ActionVillage. The Ion Smart Parts marker was first released in and it was revolutionary. The package also include a 48cu, 3000 psi tank and cover. If the marker begins exhibiting signs of First Shot Drop Off (FSDO) where the first shot after sitting for some time is slow, but the follow-up shots are at full.

Smart Parts Ion Pro Paintball Marker. This paintball gun is ultra fast rate of fire – 17 bps in semi auto and rebound modes, and 10 bps in 3 shot burst or full auto modes. TechT makes the FINEST upgrades for Smart Parts and GOG Brand Paintball Markers. The Ion can be identified by these features: Above the handle on the side without a pressure gauge is the word "ION. By continuing to browse the site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Smartparts Ion paintball marker with Tank - 0 (Atoka) For sale is a Smartparts Ion paintball marker. According to Smart Parts, this adjustment point 15 to 20 clicks higher than the minimum time needed to close the bolt, is the optimal dwell range for the Ion, SP-8 and Epiphany.

ANSgear is the worlds largest online paintball store in the world. Smart Parts Classic Ion Manual. Largest selection of skateboar We price match! Smart Parts - Ion Max&39;d Reviews, 03:00 PM Smart Parts Ion Max&39;d I got this for Christmas making this my first real paintball marker other than my 98 which was my first. Smart parts ion paintball marker. · The Smart Parts ION Paintball Marker is an ion paintball gun that will provide you with a list of fantastic features and exceptional programmability. The Ion was released in and quickly became one of Smart Parts&39; most popular guns because it was the first electropneumatic marker that was affordable and available to entry level players. Smart Parts Ion Paintball Gun With Upgades And Extras.

Huge selection of Paintball Guns, Tanks, Masks, Loaders, Harnesses, Barrels and more. Smart parts Ion has an upgraded rake trigger to help with faster smart parts ion marker manual firing. It is fashioned after other high-end guns with a standard sized ASA, pistol grip, and front regulator. PB Marker Manuals. smart parts stickies check there or wat pizza said.

Smart Parts Ion XE Manual (English). Search this site. GOG Paintball Guns are great for any recreation paintball player. In 1996 the came out with the first electronic marker and took over the field. They are proud to have produced a paintball marker like no other. Ion Paintball Gun. The thing always shot and i beat the crap out of it and it always seemed to work.

Its the same people just with a new name. Ion, Epiphany, SP8, and Ion XE USE DIFFERENT BRACKETS THAN Vibe, SP1, and GOG Markers – PLEASE CHOOSE ACCORDINGLY. With multiple firing modes, an aggressive rate of fire and break-beam Vision anti-chop system, the Ion continues the Ion&39; tradition of tournament level performance at a low price. Fun FACT for ya, the same guys that owned and operated Smart Parts, now own and operate GOG Paintball. It was replaced by the Ion XE in. 693 insert, Q-Lock Feedneck, Smart Parts S-Rail and dovetail adapter.

It is important to have a clean gun in order to have consistent velocity. Hustle Paintball 387,707 views. rong section as well. Assemble as pictured and attach the appropriate smart parts ion marker manual hoses to the banjo fittings in your marker. If the Ion does not turn on, replace the battery using this guide for Smart Parts Ion Battery Replacement.

It is a very simple design, with aluminum internals and an easily exchangeable composite body shell. Fast & Free shipping will keep you up to date with all of the best paintball gear. View and download Smart Parts paintball manuals PbManuals.

It was used by my wife and is no longer using it. Smart Parts/GOG Upgrades. Ion changed the paintball paradigm by being the first marker to deliver true electropneumatic performance in the casual paintball player&39;s price range. SKU: 9140 Category: Discontinued Items Brands: Smart Parts. For sale is a Smartparts Ion paintball marker. Custom Products Tactical Barrel with CP-15 Tip - 14 Inch Ion/Impulse Threads - Dust Black -.

Vist our showroom or browse online to see all the newest gear. It is in good working condition and just needs relubing of internals. So if you liked SMART PARTS products, you will love GOG products. Paintball Gun: E1. Smartparts Ion paintball marker with Tank - 0. It also determines the accuracy of the shot.

If you are looking to bump up to the next level, any of the GOG Guns, the Envy or the G1 Paintball Guns are all an excellent choice. · Dye Assault Matrix (DAM) Mag-Fed First Strike Capable Full Auto Paintball Marker Review - Duration: 35:31. Smart Parts Paintball started in 1990 and made name for them self. From starter packages to tournament ready markers, we can supply you with all your paintball needs.

It comes with an upgraded feed neck. Feedneck and s-rail/dovetail are installed. The Ion MAX’d includes the 14″ Freak Jr. You can’t miss a single shot with the Smart Parts Paintball Marker that delivers an amazing electropneumatic performance.

Instead, you’ll have to buy from secondary sites such as Ebay. The Ion was built to be the. The velocity of a paintball marker determines how far the paintball will shoot from the gun. Ion XE shouds from Lapco and Deadlywind. If the Ion&39;s red power light does not come on, you need to replace the battery. This Ion paintball marker has multiple firing modes that allow you to set the firing force based on the distance and position of your opponent. Smart Parts EOS Manual (English). 689 Inch Inner Diameter In Stock, but only a few left!

smart parts ion marker manual Smart Parts Ion Board Manual. Clothing, shoes, t-shirts, sweatshirts, pants, shorts, hats, watches and more at ActionVillage. You might find that a lot of these amazing paintball guns don’t have websites. Smart Parts most affordable marker ever. Check out all of our Ion Paintball gun upgrades and trick out your gun.

We have Smart Parts Ion upgrades in stock for your Ion or Ion XE. Try turning on the Ion. It has been taken care really well as you can see in the pictures. Upgrades and accessories for the Smart Parts Ion and Ion XE paintball guns. This includes spare parts and aftermarket parts for rebuilding, maintaining and customizing the Ion XE and Ion paintball markers. 0 OBO, perfect starter set for those wanting to get into the game at low cost. Smart Parts Ion Paintball + Halo v35 Victory + Freak Barrels + Helmet/Gloves/Goggles Brand: Smart Parts.

Too much velocity or too little can cause paint breakage inside the gun. Buying an electronic gun with a spool valve for under 0 was unheard of. THE SEARCH BUTTON IS UR FRIEND :tup i How To: Maintain the Bob Long Marq paintball gun How To: Install motion detector lights How To: Polish the guts of a paintball gun with a brillo pad How To: Maintain a paintball gun&39;s Dye Hyper 2 Regulator How To: Change the feedneck on a Smart Parts Ion paintball gun. · Ion paintball gun firing modes. Remove both screws on one side of the hand grip.

This site uses cookies. At the time of its release, the Ion was the first fully electropneumatic marker aimed at entry-level players, at a price point similar to Spyders and other mechanical blowbacks.

Smart parts ion marker manual

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